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This blog is a long due and i want to complete it today. a while ago when i was reading the blog “culture matters” i came across an excellent post on accountability here is a part of that post got my interest

How much power are you willing to yield to others? How much voice are you willing to give to others, which – very probably – will challenge your work?

here im not gonna talk about what was said in that blog, you can read it from there, but what i want to talk about is that question raised above. many of us almost certainly all of us at some stage in life, doesn’t really care to listen what the other person is felling about a particular event. we always want to fill the void with an abstract which we think best suits to the situation. many of us we were children, didn’t get a change to raise our voice. we had dreams and opinions but they never mattered to many of out parents they always select something they think best for us. and most probably my of us are gonna do the same to our children. and this will most probably kill the power reasoning in them they will lack the critical thinking that human beings posses. then the question arises who are we?. its very important we give voice to our fellow human beings regardless their position or race or gender.


100 Awesome Blogs By Tiffany Davis

Folks you must see this post. this one lists some of the famous blogs by blog categories. we should thank Tiffany Davis for posting such an interesting post. out of all im was most impressed with the section on Astrology and specifically one blog Bad Astronomy. and im in debt to you “Tiffany Davis”. thank you.

oldest blogger known died at 97

Maria Amelia Lopez known to be the oldest blogger in the world passed away last week at 97. “Maria, we will miss you. and we keep going with your memories and inspiration you left to the bloggin world”.

here is the news quote from yahoo

Lopez started blogging in 2006 after her grandson — “who is very stingy,” she wrote — created the site as a present for her 95th birthday.

The blog went on to attract a huge following, with more than 1.7 million hits, as Lopez shared her thoughts on everything from life in Spain under the dictatorship of Gen. Francisco Franco to the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, which she criticized.

Lopez said discovering the Internet and communicating with people all over the world changed her life, and she urged elderly people everywhere to get wired.

“It took 20 years off my life,” Lopez wrote. “My bloggers are the joy of my life. I did not know there was so much goodness in the world.”

managing time

Its been a while i added a new post here, funny thing is, lately i was thinking that why would people say they didn’t find enough time to blog. i use to tell my self ‘this is not fair’ when ever i didn’t find a post in some of my favourite bloggers blog. but now after nearly two weeks of heavy work(week ends are exceptional) i have come to realise that its really tough to manage time.