Hope its just a dream

wow, i was very sleepless yesterday. i had this terrible dream made me sleepless. well, the dream is about global warming. in my dream i had this experience like thunder storms, floods and all kind of natural disasters are affecting the city’s one after another. this definitely is a crazy dream. but i believe its will be true if we don’t do anything towards the global warming. humans are to be blamed for the current global warming crisis and we are all hold the responsibility to save the earth from its adverse affects. recently there is this ad campaign in TV that says avoid wastage of power by switching off electrical devices when they are not used.  at least i started doing it and i request others too to think(act) about it.


News business and news using business

One of the hot debating topics recently on web is people debating (kind of split) over whether news papers are right in demanding a share in ad revenue that search giant like Google (as a matter of fact it should be corrected to
‘All involved in online search over news’) is enjoying by pointing the readers to the news?

I think from news papers perspective arguing over a share on revenue is correct to some extent. When a person search’s Google or something for news, search engines are gaining revenue and value by displaying news items. Even when the item is limited to headline and a part of the actual article.I don’t think Google or anybody can argue that people are using their search because they are Google. Let’s just image a case where a person try some search over Google for a recent event update as news and if he didn’t gets the expected updates and gets the same with another search engine it won’t be long before this user starts using the other search guy as his default search provider in the place of Google.

Here the gain is for both Google and the actual News publisher. I would like to say this should be more of a Synergy than arguing whether the chicken is first or the egg. Both have their advantages here by making up a synergy. I think it’s time people start thinking this direction rather arguing over who’s Daddy.


From past few days i’ve been reading a lot of  blogs which are very interesting. i always wanted to have my own blog for quite some time. i’ve been thinking back and forth about it, my major concern is to keep the blog active which demands time and interest. time, is one factor im not very sure about all along but finally i’ve decided to keep things spinning.